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The aim of Bioden is to enhance the corporate value of its leading brand by creating valuable products for its customers and facilitating humane oriented management.

The major points in the history of bioden is as below:

11Certificate of Promising Small and Medium Enterprise
11Increased the capital sum of KRW 4.5 million
11Patented JIG-GEL
09Certificated ISO 14001
06Selected as a venture business
06Participate in Seoul International Dental Exhibition
03Established Gangneung factory
03Participate in Germany Dental Exhibition
02Participate in Dubai Dental Exhibition
02Registered in KCCI Economic Operator
11Certificated ISO 9001
09Materials and Devices recognized by specialized
Corporations (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
09Participated in U. S Atlantic Dental Exhibition
09Participated in In-Cheon Dental Exhibition
09Recognized as Affiliated Enterprise Institute
(Ministry of Science , ICT, and Future Planning)
07Participated in Korea Dental Exhibition
06Patented JIG-GEL
06 (Application No. 10-2016-0061171)
05Bond Strength Patented
05(Application No. 10-1627083)
04Participated in GyeonGi-Do Dental Exhibition
04Increased the capital sum of KRW 2 million
04Participated in Seoul International Dental Exhibition
03Participated in Seoul Dental Exhibition
02Participated in the U. S Chicago Dental Exhibition
11Participated in North western Eui-Jeong-bu
CAD/CAM Symposium
10Participated in Central providence, Chung-Ju,
Southern Providence Ho-Nam Dental Symposium
09Participated in U. S Atlantic Technology Exhibition
09Participated in U. S Atlantic Technology Seminar
08Invested the capital sum of KRW 8 million
CEO Lee Chang-Taek
08Renamed as BIO DEN Co.,Ltd.
01 Patented Zircos-E (Application No. 10-1354177)
04Established individual entity M & C Dental
04CEO Lee Chang-Taek