Bioden is emerging as a global leader in the dental health industry.
BIODEN, a global leader in the dental industry

As one of South Korea’s major corporation, Bio Den Co., Ltd is in pursuit of a Tooth Mater-Pia (Tooth material Utopia) and has enhanced the world’s medical and dental industry. As the quality of artificial teeth changes rapidly, Bio Den Co., Ltd is improving the quality of restorative dentistry by developing, producing, and supplying the Zirconia Etching system, which is a dental product that was one of the first patented systems in the world. This has been the leading role that has been boosting the competitiveness in global market of dental health and restorative dentistry.

global infrastructures and networks

Bio Den Co., Ltd has been making high quality dental technology products by constantly developing and establishing global infrastructures and networks. By participating in national and international dental symposiums and dental exhibitions, this has been recognized by foreign exporters due to its unique technology and excellent quality. Our corporation has been making domestic and international export agreements with 12 countries around the world, including the Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, US, to heighten the corporate value.

Creative challenging spirit and world-class technology

Bio Den Co., Ltd will strive to make a significant contributions through innovation and challenging creativity of the quality LATEST of the most advanced products and leading-edge technologies. Strengthening the global marketability to become the key factor of the national and international dental industries. We promise to make the best efforts to develop new, high-value products and supply high quality products.